2003-08-13 16:30:56 ET

I hate sucks...I m so afraid I m gonna ruin the freeking skirt I am avoiding doing it.

2003-08-13 16:32:57 ET

i'm the same way with any type of project. i've messed things up a few times from getting too excited and having 50 ideas running through my mind. just take your time with it

2003-08-13 17:44:22 ET

use chalk to line the inside where you want to sew.. helps me a whole lot when i sew my pants.

2003-08-13 22:22:44 ET

*hates sewing as well*

i was gonna go into fashion design, but dont like sewing at all. bah, it's such a menial task!

2003-08-14 05:39:21 ET

Well, the truth is...I do like sewing...I just never use a pattern.
This time I am and its REALLY confusing. and hard and I just want to burn IT!
heheh...I just want the skirt to fit properly and to know how to put in a zipper right.

2003-08-14 08:06:56 ET


yeah, i never used patterns either...

maybe that was my problem? *grin*

2003-08-14 19:54:16 ET

/me does not sew.

2003-08-14 19:57:42 ET

gah. I used to sew for a living. it took every bit of the fun out of it. I'm glad I stopped so it could be fun again.

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