Im home.
2003-09-03 09:11:19 ET

Did you miss me?
Well! I missed you!

My sisters wedding was beautiful!
Do you guys remember that show FOX put out last year called Bridezilla?
She was like that...only worse.
I didn t get to go to any muesums, but I did get to see the Liberty bell.
My mom and I spent the whole week cleaning and joshing each other about
my sisters bad attitude. We joked about how I needed to change my name to
Cinderella. :P
I also got to help my sister decorate her new class room. She finally
got the job she wanted. The most perfect job for her....she is sooo lucky...:(
I hope my life will come together some day as well as hers has.

I also got this badass fake hair...its called Marley braid and it s like
real dreads, which is way better than goth dreads! Whoot!
Ummm.....I think thats it....While I flew there and back I read the first
Harry Potter books....before I even read the second I bought the 3rd! heheh...
I m addicted!
I got to spend some time with my older brother and his family. They met up
with us at our hotel and used our room to get ready for the about
My cousin Amelia was also staying in my room with me and Frank(my younger brother)
The last night we were was me and Amelia in one bed and Frank and my
sisters bridesmaid/maid of honor in the other....she wrapped herself in this giant
blanket cause she said she didn t want to accidently touch him while she was was really funny...ya had to be there....

I didn t get very many pictures....:( I brought two black & white disposable cameras
and I forgotto take the second one to the wedding/reception. :(
My Aunt and Uncle drove me to Philly on Mon since we were all leaving at the same
time. One of my older cousins(their daughter) was on my flight and the ticket
lady changed our seats so we could sit together! Our stop over in chicago was
two hours and all four of us were on the same flight...silly!
We went into Philly early and thats when I saw the Liberty Bell.
We had time to go to this Yuppy like "retro" style Indy restaurant(my best discription...)
The food was good. I got a few pictures.
When I get them developed I will try to scan them or something.

My brithday is this month.
the 22nd....DON T forget!

love and kisses
Annie Fannie Bannanie!

2003-09-08 19:09:55 ET

nice to see you back!

I'm sorry I missed your arrival. I was unable to get transport. It soundslike you had a good visit, though. :)

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