2003-09-11 06:22:02 ET


Im tired.
I m tired of working all the time.
I m tired of coming home to a dirty house.
This is a rather depressing entry. I will stop now.

The above link is from a friend. She works at a petstore.
They got in a couple of cubs and her boyfriend bought one.
$600 nomally she got him for $275. because of her discount.
I m not sure how I feel about it. There are so many
kitties that are put to sleep everyday....
wow, went straight back to depressing...
I m done for now.
Check out the entry below.

2003-09-28 07:15:02 ET

wow! Those cats are beautiful. I've read about them - some folks believe that the breed helps to save the jungle cat they're bred from, other folks say that it means jungle cats will be taken from the wild and uncarefully bred so humans can have silly exotic pets.

I'm all for adopting mutt kitties and saving them. :)

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