New place!
2003-12-02 20:36:58 ET

We are all moved in...yes we did get it!
The landlord/leasing agent/maintainence guy
has been real nice....he ordered a new washer for us and
may be getting us a new dishwasher.
There is a fireplace...and a garbage disposal...and a basement
and a spare bedroom...and three cats and a dog!

2003-12-02 20:37:37 ET

GO NEW PLACES!!! The moving part sucks....but the newness is awesome!


2003-12-02 20:40:01 ET

I busted my ass moving everything out...and THEN cleaning the old place....sooo sore, but I m getting my deposit back! Whoot!

2003-12-03 03:21:10 ET

I would have helped if you wanted....

2003-12-03 12:41:48 ET

ack, well I really didn t want to bother my friends......

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