2003-12-07 03:34:47 ET

So I went to see Type O negative a couple weeks ago....
My friend kept bothering me about it....and it ended up
I had an evening off....well I got off of work at 630pm.
The show was in Chicago...which is about 2-3 hrs away.
That would put us there at 930 our time...830 their time.
The show started at 7.
So I got up early went to work and asked my boss if I
could find someone to cover me, if I could leave early.

I was thinking.....He had switched his hours that day...to
make it more convient for him.....He wouldn t try to fight
me for my desired time off. I was wrong. He huffed a
little and kinda thought about it while I just stood there.
Then he asks the dreaded question.......
"Why do ya wanna leave early?"
I tell him the truth...of course.
and he kindsa rolls his eyes.....and tells me....well I
guess, but ONLY if you can find someone to cover you.

So I do, but then someone doesn t show up for the shift
that they were already supposed to work...so that means
I need to find someone ELSE to work....and I can t,
BUT THEN!!! The guy who no called no showed...CALLS and
my boss tells him we don t need him!
I freeked....I did need him!! I was going to miss the show.
Ends up...one guy I called...shows up at 530...and as I am
leaving...my boss comes up to me and said he was "sorry"
and that it didn t occur to him the other boy could have
covered me.
He then tells me he was mad at the kid because he didn t
show and that he really didn t want him to work.

So I see, you were spiting him?...not me?...ya....
SO ANYWAYS.....This is looong. bleh :P

I get to the show....and I see all these people standing
around. I m thinking that the first band had just got
done.....I was wrong. There were a bunch of INDY people
there...they ran up to me...Oh blah blah blah TYPO blah
blah sooo goood...blah blah. My brain twitched...I stopped
one of the grrls...and I ask her....did I miss them...?
She looked shocked. "Did you just get here?"
and I will probably not get another chance for the next 3
My ride was still parking the car.....
Then someone said something...I can t remember what....but
I started to cry. It sucked....but then one of the grrls gave me Peter Steels bass pick. I m a charity case.
She said that it seemed really important to me and that I
should have it....aww...

Just a little note....I have never even talked to these
people before. One grrl, works at this gas station I
always go to....I could never strike up a conversation
with her....the grrl with her...she knew my brother somehow
and then she wouldn t stop talking to me...
The other grrl who was there with her man....shops at my
store....we have talked about such things as the matrix and
the misfits.
I thought it was really nice that they even came up to me
to say hi...they didn t even know me....and they were nice.

When my freind Chad came in I told him...and we went
and watched cradle of filth and then went to the neo.
I danced off my sadness.
I m no longer bitter I missed the show.....I will just
have to MAKE time to see them again.....

2003-12-08 22:13:15 ET

Wow.... I hate huge build-ups only to be let down. That goes to show that you at least live in a place where perfect strangers (kinda) can be your best friends in situations like that. I would have hugged the grrl that gave me that pick.

2003-12-09 05:05:44 ET

I did, it was so nice....she later took a picture of us together....right when it flashed...she grabbed my boob.
Funny grrl.

2003-12-10 09:22:13 ET


I would have cried too. That *was* really nice of her to give you that pick. Did you hang out afterward to meet them? They're usually really nice about meeting fans.

2003-12-11 01:45:43 ET

I was told by my friend Jason that I to. He has met them several
times and even hung out with them, but we ended up just leaving.

2003-12-15 13:52:31 ET

Grabbed your boob??? Well I guess if that is all you had to subject yourself to for the pick..... still so funny tho.

2003-12-16 12:13:49 ET

ya, I was really shocked, but it was funny...the photo didn t come out well...it was like: Hand and Boob

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