Don t Cry for Me..........
2004-01-10 17:56:21 ET

Blah...everyone keeps asking...and I hate to tell it.
Every year the same thing! CHRISTMAS!!! and everyone pesters you with the same question! How WAS IT?!?!
It weird....when you can t say it was nice OR great.

I guess my Mom decided to spice it up a bit this year.
We WERE going to have it at my new house. It WAS going
to be fun and stuff, but noooooo....ya.
She had a stroke.
Dad called bright and early Christmas Eve morning. He
said he had taken her to the hospital. I thought her
flu/broncial stuff relapsed, but then he said..."I think
your Mom had a stroke" with tears in his voice. I almost
lost it.....which made him even more upset. I called my
brother and he was bawling...a 21 year old boy...crying.
Ends up I ve been having seaonal depression....and then
Moms stroke. It almost had me. I was lost.
My sister flew in. We argued...while she tried to control
EVERYthing....I think it was because she was not there
when it happened. Bleh, now she is gone.
Mom came home today. Every minute I was not working or
sleeping I spent it with her. We did her re-hab together.
ate together.......and I even got to take her to the
bathroom.....yea. What a way to bond.
She told me the last thing she rememebers before it
happened was that she was wrapping my presents...
Boo~ That made me sad, :( but we joke about it now. :P

It was a rude awakening....she won t be around forever.
Gah! ya............I just wanted to give a little info.
I really can t express how much this all hurt/effected me,
but I am WAY better now and she will just get better by
the day. She goes to re-hab three times a week/3-4hrs a
day. Ummmm, that it really it.
Need any further details. Just ask.

So how was YOUR Christmas.
Tell me something good.
She can t be left alone

2004-01-10 18:16:39 ET

Something good: we are delaying the gift exchange thing so my brother and his wife can make it here in January.

I am glad you are brave. that is something good also.

2004-01-10 20:12:34 ET

I'm very sorry about your mother. I'm glad she's getting better and I'm glad you're feeling better.

2004-01-15 20:22:09 ET

she's lucky to have you, hon. very lucky.

something good? I'm happy cause I'm appreciated. :)

2004-01-18 07:03:40 ET

Thanks guys.
I appreciate all the love. ;P
Everything is improving for her.
She has friends that are bringing dinner for her.
Mom keeps saying she is just going to "forget" how to
cook, so she won t ever have to do it again.

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