I am finished
2002-07-14 10:54:38 ET

I updated my page and bio a bit...

2002-07-14 11:09:28 ET

I've never looked at your page before but I really like the background. Oh, and your really hot, but you probably hear that alot.

2002-07-14 17:57:01 ET

Hey thanks...its my bois new tattoo.
subkultures user: Petergraves

I hear it occasionally but its always nice
to hear it from a stranger.
Thanks for the compliment

2002-07-15 04:58:03 ET

No problem.

2002-07-16 03:32:16 ET

I agree, the background is as subtle as it is marveling. Send you new music huh?

2002-07-17 13:02:08 ET

ya, more music!

2002-07-18 18:27:57 ET

Any types in general?

2002-07-19 16:33:23 ET

nope I reall y like everything...except eminem

2002-07-22 07:24:36 ET

lol alrighty then... umm, well, Killing Joke is a good one if you like raw just write-how-you-fell. The Queers are good if you like punk and melody... and if you like Nirvana, you'd probably like Local H.

2002-07-22 19:11:52 ET

Local H eww~

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