2002-07-17 19:06:46 ET

I m back from Fort Wayne!!!!
It was crazy, fun, weird and quite interesting. Met some new folks.
There was another manager there and she was from Milwalkee. Her name
was Jen and she was super cool. The store there was completely trashed
and disorganized. I spent the entire morning trying to fix the mess.
The hotel I stayed in was super nice too. I had a free breakfast. YEA!!
It wass gooood~ Mmmmm~ freeness~
So now I m home. I missed Pete tons. We got in a stupid little argument right when I was leaving. Now I can t wait to see him in the morning. Rowr~(sad)
My brother Frank, and Petes sister, Grace came over...I got pictures of Frank but none of Grace...:(
So Here they are!!!

Also check this out:

2002-07-17 19:12:36 ET

I like Frank's hair

2002-07-17 19:15:58 ET

yeah, I t s funny. He never brushes it but thats
okay..cause if he did it would be even bigger!

2002-07-17 19:18:04 ET

hmmm... bigger... ick. it's sexy just the way it is.

2002-07-17 20:27:50 ET

well that is why he wears it the way he wears it.

2002-07-19 05:11:32 ET

yeah frank has pimp hair

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