Back from the grave
2006-03-02 10:24:43 ET

So yeah.... I pretty much quit this thing, but I ve been coming back lately to check it out.
So here is a post.

What have I missed?

2006-03-02 11:04:06 ET

I sobered up once. Worst fifteen minutes of the last year.

2006-03-02 14:14:36 ET

you missed so much! Welcome back. It's been a long year, lots of new members, some administrative changes, more sykoradio prescence, had a beloved member pass away, I had surgery and got my septum pierced! RAWR!

2006-03-02 15:03:20 ET

I remember seeing your name a long time ago.. + I found out what Steakums are last night!

2006-03-09 19:40:11 ET

Thanks for the welcome back...
Mmmm steakums....oooh, wait?
Are you talking about the food or...the lewd thing?

2006-03-13 13:57:25 ET

totally the food. I still have never had them, I just discoved what they were... (I suck.)

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