2002-07-27 18:44:14 ET

I made more brownies today. they are good.
I have this super huge post just waiting
for you guys. I have to go now. Kelly
is supposed to call. YEA!! KELLY!!!

2002-07-27 18:46:06 ET

are they munchy brownies?

2002-07-27 18:47:44 ET

strange you made brownies i'm eatting brownies..

2002-07-27 18:50:57 ET

wow...so am I....
and yes...oh wait...I really don t know if they are munchy?
how do you tell?

2002-07-27 18:52:41 ET

if their soft...and good...and theirs no blood in them =P

2002-07-27 19:02:04 ET

no blood and a special ingredient

2002-07-27 22:31:45 ET

my brownies always have blood

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