Here are a few more pics
2002-08-04 11:46:32 ET

so maybe sykospark can get a better view

2002-08-04 13:23:14 ET

neato goggles

2002-08-05 01:14:12 ET

she doesn't own any of her own goggles she just steals all of mine, i used to even have them organized...once upon a there strewn about the apartment...arghh!!!

*shakes his fist* and the problem is she looks a million times better than i do in all of them...

2002-08-05 05:20:35 ET

whatever, you look just as cute.
and I dont know where the hell you would organize them.
They have never been organized. I remember when you
lived with chad. You always had to search for them before
we went out.

2002-08-06 02:58:39 ET

just because you couldn't "See" the system doesn't mean its not in place

2002-08-06 05:57:17 ET

oh whatever! Thats bull!

2002-08-06 06:13:58 ET

stop yelling at me!!!

2002-08-06 18:28:07 ET

Men are dumb!
"systems" do not mean where ever you put it last.
If so then stop bugging me about my bedroom.

2002-08-07 03:06:56 ET

no way...

2002-08-07 05:52:38 ET

yes way...

2002-08-07 11:06:40 ET


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