Photos from the Art Museum
2002-08-05 05:42:57 ET

My favorite glass piece. I love art glass. Mmmmm

Another shot. The artist is telling us about a drowning incedent involving his son. I really love all the little bits and objects in the glass. I LOVE the way this one turned out.

This was on the wall. Done with a projector. Ya
know the old ones your teacher used in elementry school. The figures are not on on the clear film. I think
they re on the wall. I didn t want to go look.

2002-08-05 05:53:50 ET

i like the last one ... the glass i bet is cool in person but its hard to see everything in a picture

2002-08-05 07:47:16 ET

yea I didn t bother trying for a close up. I couldn t use
flash and was sure I d fuck something up.

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