2002-08-07 06:03:54 ET

go ahead and click.
you clicked on the photo of a pretty face.
a girl who looks a bit like me. You don t know
her and niether do I. So why do you wish to?
what is it about that pretty face that makes you
move your mouse. to click on a photo of a complete
stranger to get to know her better? What about me
do you not know. Is it your failure or mine?
Is it my fault or yours, that you don t think you know
me at all? Well if you want to know. If you want me
to talk then we should both work toward that goal.
I ll make the effort. If you take the time.

2002-08-07 06:17:27 ET


damn-it, i hate it when these things stick!!!

2002-08-07 06:17:42 ET

i click photos to make them bigger so i can see them bigger ... i don't think it makes you know them better, except what they look like.

2002-08-07 06:29:46 ET

I click photos 'cause I'm bored and wanna read something. I would never assume to know anyone on here because, as I always say, they're just pixel induced images, not real people. You can't really know someone unless you meet them in real life, and even then you rarely know someone.

2002-08-07 06:33:49 ET

(and 'cause you have goggles like mine and I'm wondering if they hurt your head too or are mine special in that way)

2002-08-07 06:40:22 ET

ok, ok, ok....
i did it!
yes, i admit, i liked your picture....
but in my opinion, the eyes are still the windows to the soul, and if i had to choose between a picture or no picture, i'd prefer seeing who i am going to be talking to or dealing with.
this is just a personal preference, so please don't be angry with me!!!!!

but if it makes you feel any better, i think it is a hideous picture, and it makes me not ever want to talk to you again!!!!

: P
hehe, and that's just one example of why i'm such a tard!!!

2002-08-07 17:23:32 ET

What a response. That was great.
I actually posted it because I was feeling shitty. It was
actually directed toward someone close to me. It wasn t written
with anger, but sadness. I also didn t even read over it once.
Just posted it how it came out of my head. At the time I
wrote it though I knew others would read it. We all do it.
"Oh he/she is cute/interesting" or "What the hell is that!?!"
Thanks and stuff for commenting. That was really cool.

2002-08-07 17:24:57 ET

oh and yeah they do hurt my head sometime, but when that picture was taken, they hadn t bothered me all night.

2002-08-07 17:35:52 ET

now that i'm reading it from that prospective,
i see that you are being more specific then i first
assumed. but may i ask if you are referring to them
clicking on your avitar, or someone elses...is this an
issue concerning someone you've known, or someone you
just met..???
forgive me, but my curiosity has killed all of my cats...!

2002-08-07 19:51:42 ET

clicking on your avitar, or someone elses...is this an>
issue concerning someone you've known, or someone you >
just met..??? >

someone I ve known. and clicking on others avatars, but it actually has to do with him saying he doesn t know me.

...and then curiosity brought them back

2002-08-07 20:24:44 ET

I thought it was: 'Curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought it back'

and re: goggles - I'm tempted to pick up some foam padding from work (Home Depot) and see if maybe that'll help... Mine hurt my head most of the time and then I usually feel sick the next day (even if they don't hurt my head.) I think they two are connected...

2002-08-08 10:59:47 ET

Sounds like you might want to loosen them.
I had made these new hair falls. They were super
big. After wearing them an hour, my head felt like
it was going to explode. Then I realized it was my

2002-08-08 12:32:41 ET

do i understand you correctly, that you do your own hair?!?
that's incredibly lovely!!! my bio has some old pics where i had installed my own braids...too much fun!! funny thing is, is that my head throbbed for about two weeks, without any goggles at all, which would have been nicer, cause i could loosen goggles, but not the hair....hehe, but anyway.......
o, and,
satisfaction always brings me back, BAYbee!!!
: P

2002-08-08 12:39:49 ET

wait, back to your response, you knew this guy that was checking out "pretty faces" and clicked on yours and began talking to you as if he didn't know you..hhhhmmmm, how off am i? unless it's irrevalent and then i'll just have to keep killing off my cats....

2002-08-08 17:12:14 ET

your off.

2002-08-08 17:15:52 ET

well turn me on damnit!!!!

: P

2002-08-08 21:51:55 ET

she's talking about me

2002-08-09 04:07:20 ET

Miz... they're as loose as they can be... I'm paranoid everythime I look up that they'll fall off. The rim is hard plastic and desn't sit flat on my head so I think that's what it is. ah well.

2002-08-09 04:12:11 ET

ummm if it hurts and its too much for you...just don't wear them...pretty easy answer...

2002-08-09 14:21:22 ET

yea you need to find some different ones.
Go Here:

2002-08-09 20:56:30 ET

Peter... I don't most of them time.. I have other ones instead.

Miz... Thanks.

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