2002-09-02 10:07:19 ET

Thank you, I was really
looking for some new bands...I think I found
a few...
I will definately do this again and I do have a
few more ideas for games..or maybe if you could
list 3 ideas...ok JUST KIDDING!!!
Umm...I had to cut it off. it was just a bit
crazy there for a minute. At first I was like
ooooh syko posted some already and then a few more
people and then I go to work and then come home...
HOLY CRAP!!! 80 comments and then 117 and thats
where I decided to post a few of my own and then cut it
off. Charlie Brown slipped one more in there on me.
So then thanks again everyone!

2002-09-02 11:11:08 ET

I wanted to go add the Culture Club.


2002-09-02 11:17:31 ET

mmm culture club
i had another list to send - heh. i haven't even touched on my folky stuff! oh well :)

2002-09-02 11:21:51 ET

No added Synapscape!


2002-09-02 11:26:52 ET

HA HA! denied!

2002-09-05 13:50:28 ET

you closed it before i could play :(
oh well, i was going to add marley but you added him in the end

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