Om my goodness. I ll be 23 in 16 days!
2002-09-06 07:13:32 ET

So , When I turned 17 I hit this black hole in my life...well a blackhole persay. I met a lot of new people.
I smoked a lot of pot. Listened to ICP, smoke cigarettes and my life stopped.
I was stuck at the age of 17 for about 3 years. Thats when I realized it. I m not a kid anymore. I have
to start taking on resposibilities. Move out becaome an adult. One problem. I have to catch up with
myself. Then I turned 21. That helped. I could actually do adult like things.
I still feel myself struggling to become an adult. Everyday I grow older the further behind I become.
I look at these "kids" that come into my store and shop. They look 13 and 14 years old, when some
of them are seniors in high school.
It makes me feel weird. I just got out of high school......FOUR YEARS AGO!!!
Ack! See, I still feel stuck. This is actually something I have been dealing with since I turned 20,
the I feel old thing. I know I m not old, but I am definately not a kid anymore. I have met some
interesting people in the last few months, very "cool" people and then I find out they are only 19 etc.
Its cause people my age are too tired to dress up anymore. Ugh I don t feel like writing anymore.
maybe I ll finish later when I feel remember what all I was going to say.

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2002-09-06 07:32:38 ET

I know how you feel to some degree. I feel like I should be doing a lot more with my life now that I'm out of high school.

2002-09-06 08:20:32 ET

so dija stop w./ the ICP?


2002-09-06 09:01:43 ET

i know i replied to this....

2002-09-06 12:36:57 ET

now youve met a cool 17 year old :D
im having that feeling already. about growing up. making something of myself. blah.

2002-09-06 14:07:17 ET

I really haven t had the desire to do much more with my life.
I don t think I need to. I like just bumming it.

and yes I did stop listening to it. Years ago.

its more of realizing that I am grown up.

2002-09-07 10:47:53 ET

I'm feeling the urge to just hang out with people older than me, 25 and 30 and such. But then I keep meeting cool kids... don't know. I think it'll always be a dilemma.

2002-09-07 14:56:17 ET

yeah that happens. thats not much of a problem for me right now, they are all idiots.

2002-09-07 19:45:57 ET

it sucks when you all want to go to a show but your not all 21.
Thats what I hate the most. :(

2002-09-26 03:44:55 ET

hey babe....

anyways...when i was a kid i used to hang out with people much older than all my friends are getting to be 25 to 30 and complaining about being old....and its bleeding over to me...and i'm only 22...god who knows what 30 will be like...

also even though i hung out with people years older than me...i don't really think i have any friends who are years younger than me...have i become an age-ist bastard?? when i look at people who are like 16 to 18 i think i see most of them as "little kids" and that has to be wrong on some level oh who knows maybe one day i'll meet a 16 year old i'll drag around everywhere....but probably not....

whats up with candian punk rock music...there so damn clean and synthesized....i think i'm going to start making patches that say "fuck your canadian pop punk ass" on them...think they'd sell...??? uhhhhh....probably target market wouldn't understand, and those who would would probably just make there own...oh well...

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