2002-09-07 10:34:29 ET

Got this from Huskarl!
I REALLY want to do this!!!http://www.rosemortem.com/postmortem/deathwheelz/
Anyone from St Louis? or at least close by?

2002-09-07 13:23:18 ET

o wow. i love roller blading. i dont know where st louis is though. it kinda of sounds like it would be in missouri.

2002-09-08 19:02:53 ET

ohh that looks soo fun!! i wish i lived nearby!
St Louis is awesome. I have been meaning to go back and visit (I just drove through on my way to california).

2002-09-08 19:10:20 ET

its pretty, but when I visited shortly it seemed awful dead.

2002-09-11 21:55:25 ET

aww, i live too far!! this makes me sad.

2002-09-12 06:32:37 ET

lol, thats too bad. :(
I have to work! this make ME sad.

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