Holy tree branches Batman!!!
2002-09-20 12:46:29 ET

The mall was attacked!
by a tornado.
The YMCA is heavily damaged and so is the Galyans near by.
The old Pier One building was completely destroyed!
Martinsville is totally bunked up also.
No word from my parents or Peter s car.
Phone lines are down.

some apartment behind galyans

So then, everyone is invited to come hang out with me on my birthday.
That means...EVERYONE!!!!!
I will be going out for chocolate cake between 8-9 at Claudaughs(sp)
and to FUSION!!!!
So please come!
Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please!!!
at least come to Fusion if you can!!!
I beg of you, please!

I was checking out my friends list and found someone had added me.
So like normal I went to check them out.
I click and it comes up Kevin s Livejournal.
I look at the picture/icon thingy and go:


It s my big brother!!!!

Go Here:Obiwanjp

For those of you who don t know.
He lives in Japan with his two daughters, Stephanie and Helen, and his
wife, Ayako. He left back in 1989 to join the navy and has been back
to visit (I think)three times. He was a skater...and I always thought
he was way cool. Yea!

I already received some birthday presents.
A Budda from my Mom, she gave it to me about 2 weeks ago.
A purse from a co-worker. Isn t that the sweetest.

Um I took some photos.



I had to take really good photos of my bangs cause I said I would.
I know, I know. It was a really big deal to me. I HATE bangs but
I really liked the way they look when I have my exentions in. I
wanted to do some really awesome wrapped dreads but I needed help.
I really don t know anyone who could have helped...anyways I m rambling.

Before I went out in the rain.

After the rain

After the tornado

Proof that a curly headed grrl can go out in the rain and her bangs will be OK!

2002-09-21 10:36:19 ET

Buddha! Thats so cool.

Best birthday wishes.

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