2002-05-05 17:45:22 ET

So I took a walk.
I walked an old path.
One I haven t walked in awhile.
Went down to the circle and then walked to the
canal. I was really hoping that the violinest I had
seen last year would be there again.
All I could think about was old memories. Ones I
would rather not think of and a few that I do enjoy
remembering. I always think about my dad when I
walk by the Ameritech building. He used to work there.
That a good one. I also sat on the monument with my
back against a wall. I listened to all the sounds that the
wind brought around to my ears. It s quite interesting
listening to all the sounds around the circle all at once.
The sounds of machines: cars, lights buzzing, motorcycles
the buildings themselves.
The sounds of people: Walking, talking, yelling, hugging
The sounds of the fountains: water running, rushing and filling.
and then there is the wind...

Music: Type O Negative-Angel/Red water/
SummerGirl(banned version)
Stabbing Westward: Sometimes it Hurts

If you have not heard the song Angel

2002-05-05 17:47:11 ET

thats strange... im listening to sometimes is hurts RIGHT NOW... angel is an awesome song too

2002-05-05 18:01:30 ET

Well that is totally badass!

2002-05-05 21:25:58 ET

that reminds me of "Dirty Old Town" by the Pogues

2002-05-06 06:15:29 ET

ewww....poguesssss gooooddddddd

2002-05-06 11:34:12 ET

~I will be the one, to hold you down~

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