2002-10-12 08:11:00 ET

I m going out to get my ink just a few hours that is. YEA!
Peter also posted pictures on the last entry of my friend.
They are totally badass! Go look if you haven t already.
He seems to be doing good. He came over again last night.
I went to see Dope thursday night. I haven t seen a big name group play in awhile. So I had to go check them out.
I went with Niki. We were broke and were going to try and
sneak in...ya know cause who pays to see Dope? Well we really couldn t find a way in so we asked the ticket lady if
she would let us in for half price(Niki had 8 dollars). She
said OK! So we saw them and I jumped a little to them.
Its SOOOO weird cause everytime I show up at The Emerson(all ages club).
I get the strange looks and comments. "Hey! Your that grrl that works at --------!" I always come up with the greatest come back. "UH...ya...?" It weirds me out! It s
like Im a figgin star or something. I just play it coool~...JK.
Anyways, I got photos, just cause thats what I like to do and I felt like such a fuckin groupie-like dumbass. The drummer flipped me off and I can t figure out if I pissed him off or if he was just trying to be funny...anyways I felt like a dum dum hed.
Bye, Pics To Come Later!!!

2002-10-15 19:42:13 ET

So I am checking back but to no avail! Pics where art thou??

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