2002-10-18 05:47:01 ET

Went and saw Android Lust last night. THEY WERE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

So then...Shikhee, she was the cutest little thing...maybe 4foot8. She has
such a powerful voice. Argh! They were so GOOD and so very friendly. I also
got to meet Christopher Jon, but not TrevorG. Today...I m going into work and
telling the people at corporate to get the CD in. Mmmmmmm so good. Maybe
soon they will have photos up of their fans....

EVERYONE GO CHECK THEM OUT!!! http://www.androidlust.com/

Good (local)review of the show: http://www.livejournal.com/talkpost.bml?journal=djspectre&itemid=23745

2002-10-18 05:47:37 ET

i'm so jealous :(
they were supposed to play here but the venue they were going to perform at closed :( :(

2002-10-18 07:39:10 ET

they're coming here tonight...i am debating on going.

2002-10-18 14:32:52 ET

GO!!! You must! And tell them that I thought they were awesome

2002-10-18 14:37:42 ET

Nope, I have made other plans.

2002-10-18 14:43:12 ET


2002-10-18 14:45:09 ET

Yeah, plus i'm flat broke. I've been to indianapolis before...land of racing. They have race tracks for almost everything! ...kinda creepy

2002-10-18 14:58:35 ET

ha ha...thanks. :|
Yes I actually did know that. It make things intersting though.
Lots of people from Europe and stuff...makes things VERY interesting.
I also once had a woman from out of state yell at me because we didn t have any checkered flags to sell.(thats from when I worked at a grocery store)

2002-10-18 15:05:18 ET

I'm sure that living there is pretty interesting. Anything that draws in "non-american" tourists is always a good place to reside in, especially for comedic value. I went to the skate park there and did some photography, and this kid got hit in the face with a bicycle pedal...oh the gore, the gore.

2002-10-18 15:29:30 ET

that is horribly digusting sounding...did you get a photo?

2002-10-18 16:55:12 ET

yes, but i accidentally exposed the film. :(

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