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2002-10-20 22:48:42 ET

I went to work today as EmO SCUM!!!
We all get excited about halloween and
start competing with costumes.

I was told I really looked like a punk grrl
that murdered an EmO SCUM kid and then took
his clothes...heheh...don t bother asking
where I even got the clothes...I wont tell.

I then went to Fusion...I felt odd...a few wanted to stomp me.

2002-10-20 22:53:21 ET

lol, you did look like you killed an em0 kid and took their clothes.
ya just dont have that em0 look.

2002-10-21 05:47:18 ET

Awesome!! Did you get any pics of yourself!? You should submit them here!

2002-10-21 08:17:23 ET

ya they are in my new gallery. I f you want to take them from here and use them, go ahead!

2002-10-21 09:33:33 ET

aughgh those are awesome!

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