2002-10-22 20:20:40 ET

Here are a few photos that I took for Rachael Rhodes.
These are going on her website...ugh.


This is the back of the plaid corset. SO BADASS!!!

Everyone, GO BUY HER STUFF!!!

2002-10-22 20:39:45 ET

not really my style, but i know somebody

2002-10-22 20:53:38 ET

heh, not even the apocalyptic tutus!?!
heheh, well they are for grrls.

2002-10-23 17:45:17 ET

I'm not into plaid, but I really like the back on that one.... but I think the one black and white corset is the best pic. hummm I think it's the muli-colored hair.

2002-10-23 19:23:17 ET

actually i dont have any shoes that would match

2002-10-25 20:51:03 ET

shoes shmooze! Wear boots!

2002-10-25 21:55:06 ET

no, i try to stick to heels, they slim my legs because i have a fatass

2002-10-27 20:21:49 ET

ha ha...same here...I also rather like the way platforms make them look longer, which in turn also makes them look slimmer

2002-10-31 04:58:47 ET

non-related: why are you called miz zayn ?

2002-10-31 05:45:17 ET

Ummm....Its a name I picked recently.
I go by the name Aynie...so its kinda like miss ayn.
But I like it to run together.

2002-10-31 06:50:34 ET

oh, k. You don't wanna know what it sounds like in hebrew.

2002-10-31 06:59:36 ET

oooo look at you all dolled up!

2002-11-01 07:14:48 ET

Eeeeee!~ thanks Syko!

Total Eclipse, why? what would it sound like in hebrew?
Would it sound anything like it would in Arabic?

Little soundbyte from the photo shoot:

Peter:"Lift your arm up."
Peter:"Oh come on~ No one cares what your armpits look like."
Aynie:"I hate my armpits"
Peter:"Stand up straight!"
Aynie:"Argh! This is too hard!"

For those of you who don t know.
Look up Peter at Petergraves

2002-11-01 08:26:17 ET

It's not so much what it sounds like, but what it means... those're words in Hebrew... Heh. I think I'd better not say. :)

2002-11-01 08:29:52 ET

oh come on i wanna know!

2002-11-01 08:36:34 ET

well, miz (or "mitz" or "mits" or something) means "juice", and zayn (or "zayin" or something) is err... dick. Heh.

I shit you not.

2002-11-01 08:40:13 ET

eww...thats kinda gross...now I have to change my name.

2002-11-01 08:42:43 ET

Sorry... I really didn't want to tell ya.. And I kinda wanted to delete the post right after putting it on the thread...

2002-11-01 08:44:37 ET

i think that's awesome!
but then again, i love the gay pr0n

2002-11-01 08:48:04 ET

ha ha! no its okay, I thought it was funny.
Do you know what your name means:
moon blocking sun.

2002-11-01 08:51:30 ET

lol. That's a Solar Eclipse. There are Lunar Eclipse's, too, and yeah, I dabble the English language pretty well, thanks. :)

2002-11-01 08:55:25 ET

well a solar eclipse can be a total eclipse. and so can a lunar eclipse. X P

2002-11-01 08:58:44 ET

dully noted. :) full solar eclipses are beautifullllllllllll

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