What I did today.
2002-11-11 13:56:50 ET

I went to go pick Morrey up from my parents house.
She was visiting for the night. While I was out I
Stopped by the petstore to see if Niki was working
and I thought Morrey would like to see the other puppies
and kitties and piggies. She wasn t there so I then went
on my merry way. As I was heading downtown I heard on the radio that there might be bad traffic...me not paying
attention to the world remembers that its Veterans day!!!
That means a parade!!! So I thought Morrey would like
to check out the horses, heheh. So we parked and walked
toward the circle(war memorial in the smak middle of
the city). I was afraid that we already missed it and I
was really to tired to walk, but I made it just in time.
I didn t have leash for her so I had to hold her the
entire time. She was crazy. When those damn high school
marching kids came by with those REALLY big drums, I almost
lost her. On the way ther and on the way back to the car
this cop on a motorcycle kept laughing at me cause I was
carring her...heheh. Little did he know I was trying really
hard to not let him see she didn t have a leash...oooh...
Tere were these ladies "wearing" a gigantic flag.
All I could image was my self down there and then freeking
out cause I had to wear a giant flag and destroying the
whole thing.
Then the old men and women who kinda shuffled along...they
were so cute.
And then of couse the motor cycle dudes...they were cool.
The vintage uniformed soldiers.
and the realy old men again...they were just so cute and

I cleaned up my kitchen and made some chicken and leek
soup which is in the crock pot and am sitting here with
bleach on my hair.

2002-11-12 06:43:43 ET


2002-11-12 06:49:58 ET

heya! what are you doooing?

2002-11-12 06:52:12 ET

looking law junk up online. what about you?

2002-11-12 06:56:17 ET

just checking out all my stuff...

2002-11-12 06:59:40 ET

cool. I see you've added pictures, beautiful.
How many pets do you have?

2002-11-12 07:01:38 ET

um the cat and dog. and some fish...the other two cats are at my parents.

2002-11-12 07:08:11 ET

i hope i can get my kitten back after i have to leave her :(
no pets allowed at the apartments and my mother doesn't want to keep her.
i need to go for awhile.

2002-11-18 07:01:16 ET

awwww, she can t even temporarily?

2002-11-18 19:38:34 ET

im not sure if she will. i guess ill see.

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