Hearses sure can get some good airtime....
2002-11-16 19:11:20 ET

Heh, what a nite....I ll just start at that.

Double J, Jill, Terry, Niki, Justin and I all went out to 1470 s in Dayton ohio!
The trip there, was a blast. We listend to Ludicris and ICP and all kinds of
puttin ya in a good mood stuff.
Bitch Get out the way! get out the way!
Only highlight of the trip there was getting
out at filling station. Heh!
Got there, then decided we were too broke to drink at the bar so
we had to go find a liquor store. Not as easy as it is in Indy.
We did find some dudes that offered to sell us cronic...uhhhh...nooooo.
Terry had gotten out to ask for directions and all four of them I guess
got out and smiled, gold teeth twinkling in the florescent lighting.
We then finally found one. Niki saw it. We pulled around
behind it and realized it was a drive thru! Ha! Terry and Jill had a
heyday with that! We bought some drinks then returned to the bar,
drank and was merry. We heard there was a Drag Queen show upstairs,
so we checked that out. Wheee HOOOOOO!!!! I gave one a dollar.
She was this rather large Latino looking woman with big hair! She
lip sang to Kelly Osborne s madonna remake quite well! SWEET!!!
I loved it. She gave me a big ol hug and we even danced for a minute....
well I guess you would call it dancing.
After that, we drank more and enjoyed the rest of the show!!! WHEEEEE!!!!
We went home.
I guess Terry felt like sight seeing or maybe he was bored or maybe he
is just dumb...we ended up in Toledo. He missed the 70 west exit!
I woke up in the back to this excruciating pain in my legs and the
car moving rather violently. I sat up and we were on this hilly
country road and the car was doing that roller coaster ride, butterflies
in your stomach kinda of lift. That when I was like..."Uhhh, where are we?"
"What are we doing?" "Maybe you should slow down." Terry: "I m going the
speed limit!" " This is great!!!" Thats when we all saw it.
As we approched another hill I looked down at the air below us...time moved much
slower in the next few instances... Niki grabbed my leg harder I closed my eyes
and braced my hand on the roof of the car as we all screamed/shouted in unison.
That damn hearse had some nice airtime...it was followed by a large ka-thunk!
We were all fine and both Niki(half asleep) and Justin jumped up from their
sleep. We stopped for a second cause Terry thought he had killed the car.
One of the bottles of liquor had sacrificed itself for it bag mate and Justin s
leg got pretty soaked. Don t worry we didn t drink and drive and all opened
bottles had been emptied and dumped.
Thats really the end. We got home just as it started to snow.
I drove Niki home and slept at my moms until 12 pm.
My knee hurts from when the hearse jumped and I hit it. I also have
about 15 more bruises to add to the 10 I already had from The Cadavers show.(still)
Thanks for listening...

2002-11-16 19:43:54 ET

Wow, sounds like you had an intresting life. They still have DRIVE THROUGHS? I thought those were banned or something, hahaha! I've never been to a drag show, I might want to someday.

Phew, I can't believe I read all that. :D I hope your bruises heal okay!

2002-11-16 19:53:44 ET

thank you for reading, it was a lot to say, but well worth it.

2002-11-16 19:54:26 ET

You're welcome! I wish I had that much fun in a night. :P

2002-11-18 07:00:36 ET

Every one had a blast.
You can t have that much fun
all the time, but its great
when you do.

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