Cutie Pies
2002-11-16 20:29:24 ET

Sleepy Puppy

Silly Kitty

2002-11-16 20:42:37 ET

Awww, you have the CUTEST pets.

2002-11-16 21:37:25 ET

that's the kind of sleep i can only imagine

2002-11-18 06:59:23 ET

Thank you...they take after their pop...PeterGraves. heh
I took these photos about two weeks apart.
My dog never sleeps like that sooo it was

2002-11-18 07:23:23 ET

awwwwww! that is so cute. I want some of whatever it is they're having.

2002-11-18 09:25:22 ET

morrey probably had cat poop.

2002-11-18 19:07:14 ET


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