2002-12-12 18:45:30 ET

So I m leaving...that makes me sad....I m going to miss peter sooooo much.
I m actually nervous, excited, anxious, worried, scared and anything else you
could think of. I don t have a thing ready....I did get my hair bleached twice
and the arm band I wanted for my jacket. I still need to remove the last stupid
looking patch from my skirt and add the back patch to the jacket and the other
little patches I got at the army surplus place. I wanted to buy this cool looking
pin/medal thing, but I didn t. I hope my dad won t drive me to crazy. I feel
like I m getting ready for a family vacation. OH, and I m not packed and I still
haven t redyed the green...I was going to keep it blond, but you can still see green
so I m going to dye over it anyways and I need to redo the black. i did get art of
my make up, thats like three things...
Okay picture of my jacket and my hair:

Garrr! I hope we get to go OUT!!! If I don t get to the city
during the day I m def. going out that night. If I have to
make my sister take me!!!!
oh kay!!!
I love you and I have to go now....well not really, but ya.....


2002-12-13 12:55:41 ET

Johnny from Type O is playing this weekend with his Led Zep cover band! They're playing Sun nite at the Wicked Monk in Brooklyn.

2002-12-14 14:21:18 ET

awww, that would RULE!
bu I won t be able to make it.
We did go to south street today.

2002-12-14 20:00:04 ET

kewl! find anything fun?

2002-12-17 05:33:20 ET

yah, im home now. i ll be writing about my trip probably tommorow.

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