2003-01-07 01:46:43 ET

What s better than chocolate? FREE CHOCOLATE!!!
When Peter and I went to food store two nights ago, as I was bagging up my groceries I saw a fun pak
of delicious mounds touching my chicken...I passed on it, but when I got home I saw that the cashier
had bagged it up for me. YEA!

Since getting my awesome tea kettle from Peter all I wanna do is drink tea! If I had some instant coffee
I would probably make that too. We also bought Green Tea Chai and Bali Black Raspberry. I kept telling
Peter to get the Bali cause it sounded sooooo good and as I was making it this morning I remembered
that I don t like things flavored with raspberry....well I ll try,
still too hot.

I had some very strange dreams the other night. It was this wooded area, but a lot like a nature preserve/attraction
with paths and things. There was this area with horses and it was hunting season. I was told, occasionally a
stray bullet will hit one of the horses and then they would have to put them down.
*I have been dreaming about horses A LOT lately...I have also been thinking about moving to the country just so
I could have my own arabian*
One of the horses had been hit...I went over to it and then it was this VERY large grey dog. I was walking it toward
this very looming white gated building. As I was walking thru the gate I could feel the tears welling up. I tried to
give it to another grrl but she refused saying. " you have to learn to do it anyways." I yelled struggling back tears.
"I can t. I really don t need to learn this!" Thats when I started to walk away and someone else grabbed him from
me. As I turned around the area changed into a large gym and I went and kneeled next to my friend amanda. She said something condoling to me and thats was it.

Things I remembered:
My lost friend Matt wrote in his journal again....
There was this creepy bathroom with ghosts that were trying to get out.
I talked to my brother in Japan about calling the next day....no one else in my family
wanted to talk to him...that was weird.
I kept getting chased by things/ghosts.
I ballroom danced with two separate women at two separate times on the same hill. The first one was good and the
second one kept making me screw up.

Good Morning everyone!

2003-01-07 01:54:50 ET

whoa. Are those heavy?

2003-01-07 02:07:03 ET

they were the first day.
but not now

2003-01-07 02:55:54 ET

they look lovely

2003-01-07 03:57:15 ET

i find that raspberry flavored things aren't to my liking either.
but black raspberry sounds a little more appetizing.
i've been drinking a ton of tea lately...it's that time of year where it seems more than appropriate.
i think i need to make a cup now actually.

2003-01-07 04:12:52 ET

*cough*. tea is goot. My throat is sore.

Chocolate ist krieg.

2003-01-07 08:39:35 ET

hehe, I was drinking A LOT of hot chocolate....I needed to break that. The Bali black raspberry has **** four stars!

2003-01-07 08:40:02 ET

OOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo 4 stars!!

2003-01-07 08:41:28 ET

heheh, what ARE you doing?

2003-01-07 08:42:09 ET

I'm not... quite.. sure.

2003-01-07 12:01:33 ET

hot chocolate is great, but it always seems to upset my stomach. i have no clue why.
oh, and in addition to teas, i have a bit of a chai obsession as well.
{*note to self: the black raspberry is a must try! hell, it got 4 stars!*}

2003-01-07 20:13:47 ET

Yummm, very good.
Oh and the green tea I picked up is green tea chai...weird!
I had Chai for the fisrt time two years ago...it was the
only thing I would drink whenever I went out....mmmmmmm.

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