kinda gross
2003-01-07 08:51:02 ET

yet it could be neat.

It is a place for people to swap make-up they
never used or didn t like or even paid too
much for and gotta re-sell it.
I m searching out Urban Decay.

2003-01-07 09:02:28 ET

hard candy.

2003-01-07 09:13:50 ET

It appears they have methods of "cleaning" off the makeup before
selling it. I have not quite gone thru the whole site.

2003-01-07 09:26:26 ET

I've been there! I love the Demeter pick me up area.

2003-01-07 09:35:07 ET

What is that?

2003-01-07 09:37:11 ET

They are like a perfume that doesn't last very long, but it has the yummiest scents. Angelfood is my personal favorite.

2003-01-07 11:28:23 ET

Altoids!! Gingerale...GRASS!!!
<3 Demeter... :)

2003-01-07 20:08:17 ET

Where else could you buy this stuff?

2003-01-08 04:43:05 ET

Or, if you live in an urban area, there might be a store.

2003-01-08 05:44:12 ET

Yes, sephora. I was also able to get a good price on a 40 oz on ebay..
then my sister gave me ANOTHER 40 oz for xmas!!!
So i'm set for life ^_^

2003-01-08 05:49:59 ET

whaa!?! 40oz...thats a lot of perfume!

2003-01-08 06:13:04 ET

oh jesus
i meant 4 oz
not 40

*imagines a liquor bottle full of perfume*

2003-01-08 06:17:45 ET

lol, ya know thats what I thought...yo' pass da 40
which one? tomato or dirt?

2003-01-08 08:42:54 ET

both of those are icky smells
angelfood is the best one

2003-01-08 08:45:13 ET

Ohh... the dirt one is quite nice though! IMO...
It smells fresh and rain-y

2003-01-08 10:27:26 ET

I have heard good reviews about the dirt.
The tomato is icky, but as with all scents, I think these are things you need to sniff for yourself. :)

2003-01-08 17:02:15 ET

that is just so weird. A friend of mine in high school
had a pefume(from the Gap)that smell of grass...I liked
it. I can t imagine tomato.

2003-01-08 20:10:55 ET

Other favorites:
Gin & Tonic
Dulce de Leche


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