I m sad
2003-01-28 05:10:01 ET

I feel weird. I m sitting here wanting to pour my heart out to this humming machine, but I just cant seem to do it.
I feel weird. Like something is really wrong. I have to
work tonight and just the thought of it makes me want to
cry. I am lonely. I think maybe the winter blues has
gotten to me. ~cries~ I don t want to do anything. I don t
even want to play any games. I m tired of games. I m tired
of arguing. I know I love you, but why am I sooo tired.
Why do I feel like this. Always questions, but never an
answer. I think the blues are getting to everyone here. I
read that everyone is sad, is lonely and upset. I too feel
this way.
I wanna go out and dance......

2003-01-28 05:31:33 ET


2003-01-28 06:56:28 ET

*more hugs*

I felt like that a week or so ago. I went to a club with some friends, made sure I wore comfy boots, made myself get out on the dancefloor, and just let loose. I'm thinking now that I prolly looked pretty silly cause I was flailing around like a maniac, but it still felt great. I think it's kinda like when you have great sex and later you think that maybe the faces you made looked stupid, but it doesn't matter because it was such great sex. :)

2003-01-29 12:19:16 ET

~hugs~ thanks guys.
huh, thanks for making me laugh too...definately the best medicine.

2003-01-29 12:34:12 ET


2003-01-29 19:17:34 ET

huh, luckly I m not ticklish...whatsoever

2003-01-29 19:19:27 ET

awww, that's no fun!

2003-01-29 23:33:05 ET

okay *does a silly little jig*

2003-01-30 04:26:39 ET


2003-01-30 05:02:13 ET

*starts juggling act*

2003-01-30 07:10:33 ET

*tries to stand on head*
*topples over*

2003-01-30 08:27:48 ET

okay...now you all are just being weird!

2003-01-31 04:48:25 ET

silly; not weird.

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