2003-01-28 05:34:33 ET

I really wish I could dance. I wanna get silly drunk and dance.
Like mad, I wish I could have all my friends dance with me.
I wanna dance until I fall over. I wanna just hear the loud
music and forget all my woes.

2003-01-28 09:00:35 ET

yeah dancing is fun like that.

2003-01-29 12:16:52 ET

mrmmmm, i still wanna dance....

2003-01-30 11:18:59 ET

what's stopping you? don't worry about the silly faces! ;)

2003-01-30 11:21:38 ET

I NOT! jeeze lady!
I go dancing this weekend ok!
~dances away~

2003-01-31 15:15:07 ET

lol. ok, jes being silly. :)

make an extra silly face for me. ;)

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