2003-02-01 06:34:23 ET

I signed up for saturday classes at herron! When I got there the place was FILLED. I
thought for sure my class would be filled. I was also afraid that I was going to be
stuck with a bunch of yuppy scum or even a bunch of kids. It seemed like a nice mix
of people, young and old. My teacher is totally cool(cute), and guess what I m
taking............beginning handbuilding!
I don t get any college credit, but who cares! I am doing something!
I get to make little pots and maybe a fish....I useually always make fish...even when I draw. YEA!
I called my mom and she sounded really happy...I was sooo happy I cried.

Last night I had to take Peter to wishard. He was having a really
bad asthma attack. They got him in realy quick, but took forever
to let him go. He mentioned to them that he had quit
smoking(he quit a over a year and a half ago and then
took it back up for three months) about six months ago. When he said
that the doctor said..."Thats your bidy saying Thank You!" I almost
yelled: "DORK!" but I quickly caught myself...heh...it was pretty dorky.
I guess the respitory nurse didn t like smokers...er ex-smokers cause
she was mean to my Pookie. I was parking the car or I would have
totally been like....."step up bitch!" He got better, and we got a
pre. for a real inhaler. I got noooo sleep and now he is out playing
paintball with Nate. Thanks Wishard.

2003-02-01 07:19:43 ET

people can be so fucking stupid and judgemental sometimes. glad Peter's feeling better.

sounds like a fun class. you can intimidate any yuppie scum with your uber dreads and keen edgy fashion sense! and stomp them with big boots!

2003-02-02 08:21:08 ET

I... take a sewing class!
Sounds fun... I'm home schooled...
* feels young *
but we can do anything for a credit class
I sew, play guitar...
And looking for a photography class...
But hey at least I get a's

2003-02-03 02:44:31 ET

i was homeschooled too.

2003-02-03 03:41:15 ET

:-) Home schooled on the net my mom said what the hell I on it all the time any ways...

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