this is what i wrote in other places
2003-02-11 19:35:31 ET

this just sums up a fraction of what I thought and felt.
What a crazy night I had sunday....
Peter and I had indulged in some psilocybe cubensis.
It was neat. We went to Fusion and he just watched the room
breath...I couldn t stop talking, but I still had my head about
me. It was the second night they had the "chill room" up and perfect for us. We spent the whole night in there.
The beginning of the night was REALLY nice but then the room started
filling up and getting quite louder. Thats when I really didn t like
it. It was really difficult when my stomach kept hurting and then
the feeling would overwelm my whole body....but it was still good.
I REALLY wanted to dance. I have not been able to just dance the
night away yet....I get about a few dances in and then everything
is over. So I thought I would brave the loud dance floor and go
for it. It was horrible. I really felt the music but I couldn t
catch the vibe. I felt like everyone was watching me(but people
always watch the dance floor) and my mind was racing a hundred miles
per hour. The chill room was felt very uncontrolled and we needed to we went home and I laid in bed for two hours and then
that was it. It s the second time I ve ever taken mushrooms.....they are sooo awesome. I didn t take as
many as Peter that means no halutionations. But it was mind expanding. My mind
raced and raced. If you haven t done them you should....It would really drive you crazy.
Not to mention, I can t imagine the stuff you might write or even draw while on them.
Everything feels soooo different. I can t even explain it. I just remember trying to dance
and feeling like a complete fool. When I was sitting in the dark room, I felt like everyone
was intruding. Taking up space and SOOOO loud. The music was soooo soothing too. I can t
explain all the feelings I felt. I also could not stop talking. I was like a water facet
that you can t shut off.
Last time I did mushrooms, my friends skeleton figure danced...only she didn t dance...her
shadow did. Merowr....I wan t mooooore. ~falls over~ So if you haven t tried it you should!

2003-02-11 20:07:29 ET

wow. i really wish i'd indulged in that sort of thing more before i decided to get married and have a kid. sux2Bme. i'd share my personal drug stories, but they're entirely too embarassing.

2003-02-11 20:09:56 ET

heh, ya.
Why do we do such weird things?

2003-02-11 20:13:34 ET

haven't the faintest. i watch "fear and loathing in las vegas", and i want to cry, because i despirately want to be him and have every known mind-altering substance at my immediate disposal. why are human beings so driven to distroy everything, including themselves? i'm guilty of it, too.

2003-02-12 04:32:17 ET

hmmm...mushrooms...mmmmmm!! Last time I did them I talked about Furbies and questioned how they worked. no more, no more

2003-02-12 06:21:04 ET

Jake and I grew Cubensies a while back and lucky me, I never got to eat them. A couple weeks after they started germinating, I found out I was pregnant. Yippee! So, no mushies for me. :( I have been on the quest ever since to find more around here (not too easy I'll tell you!) when Rainelynn is at my mom's for the night. *sigh* Try making them with tea in your coffee pot, so yummy!

2003-02-13 16:25:40 ET

i feel like hunter s thompson sometimes....i've tried to do every psychedelic burroughs has talked aobut...when i hit 40 i want to be somewhere between Hunter S. and Robert Anton Wilson....

i've done...
Salivia divinorum
and the holy grail, DMT

i would love to talk about any of them....

2003-02-13 16:38:06 ET

I've always wanted to try it worth the "hunt"???

2003-02-13 17:02:32 ET

Jake was on a "Let's grow Salivia!" trip for a while too. I guess it's easier to find than people think?? Maybe I could get a little insight since I have yet to know anyone who has actually done it.........

2003-02-13 18:06:20 ET

Both Iawasca and Salivia are played up a bit if you ask me...i mean its a nice natural sort of high, but your not really WAY WAY out there...its more of a mellow trip than LSD salvia is just as good as mariajuana in my book but no better...the strangest trips have always come from high dosage LSD (did over 200 hits in two and half months once)....but DMT is worth it by far...we had a 2 gram bag of only need to do 15 milli's to have an extrmely out there trip...together me and a now deceased friend went throught he bag and at parties sharing the wealth for about 3 months....i've probably watched 100 people do usually lasts 15 minutes and although people tell would tells us about how out of control and out there they almost always looks like this, they take...they slump back and come too in 15 to 30 minutes...*LOL* they almost never talk and always find it impossible to move, it literally cuts you off from your body almost 75% percent of the people would find it necessary
to talk about there soul at some point later on in the night... i have everything reported from elves and gnomes to astral projection space/time travel....uhhh....yeah

2003-02-15 03:31:50 ET

Isn t Salivia that stuff that you can buy at a garden shop...or is that different?

2003-02-15 17:25:24 ET

You can buy it at a lot more places than you think but it takes a lot more than can usually find. That's at least the case around these parts.

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