2003-02-15 07:02:01 ET

I just got back from my class. it was actually canceled, but since I showed up
they let me work. We drank really good coffee and just worked. It was really nice.
There are two classes that share the same room. Wheel throwing and hand building(my class)
and both teachers were there. No one talked much, but thats kinda how I like it.
All of us kinda just communed together in one room and got dirty. We did talk a little
bit. My teacher, Casey, told me he had a snake. A 7ft boa. He said he gets tired
of feeding it rats all the time and that he would like to try feeding it "other" things.
Like kittens.....I know that sounds horrible, but I don t think he meant it in a cruel
way. I still told him he was a sick bastard!
Both guys are just art students, working there way thru college at restaurants and
selling some of their stuff. I thought that was pretty cool.
So thats it then. I m home now and I have to go to work soon....
oh and I forgot about yesterday....I am now boycotting Victoria s Secrets.
They have this really awesome "vintage" lingere line right now....They need to learn to
carry larger sizes. I tried on several of them and they were all too small. I asked the
three pleasantly plump grrls working if they carried one size larger(an XL)...they of
course did not. I would hate working in place that didn t even carry my own size.

2003-02-15 13:09:22 ET

How bout you tell dis Casey fellow to feed his boa art teachers! *grr*

<3 da kitties.

2003-02-15 17:33:20 ET


I agree about finding things in bigger sizes but hon, you look like you have nothing to worry about! I come across that problem, hell I can't even shop in your store (Hot Topic) and have now moved on to Torrid. Not that there is anything wrong with Torrid except the fact that it is extremely overpriced, and I'm just too damn cheap! As for Victoria Secret's....... I do manage to find their stuff in my size, but only online. When they come out with special lines... usually not, but every once and awhile I get lucky.

2003-02-17 01:48:32 ET

TE: I ll remember that next time....usually I am the first to get
offended when people say stuff like that, but I think he meant well.

Starry: heheh, I get a 40% discount...mwa ha ha ha ha! I have
not shopped torrid yet. I hope that they will end up putting one
here in Indianapolis. It would do soooo well.
I am also right at that line of needed the "bigger" size. I have
like 40 in hips....but I seem to be well proportioned so I never
complain....well I only complain when I go into stores and they
don t have my size.

2003-02-17 02:10:50 ET

no no offense.

Don't get MAD,
get EVEN.

2003-02-17 07:00:50 ET

heheh...maybe the snake will choke when I give it a kitten.
would that count?

2003-02-17 23:45:30 ET

Naw. If you give it a giraffe, then yeah.

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