2003-02-18 05:19:48 ET

bleh, people keep yelling at me cause I wanted all this
snow....I still like it too!
On the way home from work on Sunday I almost died...or at least I should have killed some one. Since vertyone on the highway was going 35 mph I was too. After crossing over 70 and the whole jumbled mess of highways and streets I ended up stuck in the fastlane. I couldn t get over cause there were cars all in the next lane. I couldn t speed up cause
everytime I trie my car would slip around a bunch. Well
this semi ended up behind me. For about 4miles he kept riding my ass and flicking his lights. I had NO WHERE to
go. What the hell was I supposed to do? So I trie dmy best to speed up. Well I started getting closer to my exit
on the otgher side of the three lanes so I went as fast as
my little car cpould go in the really deep slushy snow.
As I start to pass the car next to me, the semi starts honking
his horn at me!!!! I was soooooo pissed and a complete wreck.
Before I was even in the next lane he sped up and was gone.
I didn t even get a chance to get the number on his truck.
Next ttime, I m going to stop on the high way and just throw
my hands up in the air at him...them we ll see what he has
to say. I really hope he jackedknifed that thing later....or even died...what a jerk

2003-02-18 09:14:40 ET

fuck truckers!

2003-02-18 11:48:27 ET

my sentiments exactly.....

2003-02-18 14:09:58 ET

Heh... hmm.m.m.m..

2003-02-18 15:44:40 ET

I have had to change lanes and get away from so many truckers when I felt they were about to hit me. These people are supposed to be "professional liscensed drivers." Professional my ass.

2003-02-18 19:45:05 ET

the system they work in rewards them for fast delivery time, so a lot of them try to go as long as possible in between rests which is what i think leads to the behaviour you had to endure...its the system in place that cuz's the problems not the truckers themselves that are just inherantly that way....

although some are...

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