2003-02-20 19:01:55 ET

Pics of my new hair...new shirt....and new pants(if you can see em...I didn t look)

I paid $2.40 sum cents for the shirt...pants were free!
heh, i m so thrifty

2003-02-20 19:09:02 ET

You have a nose.

2003-02-20 20:27:08 ET

i cannut see them. WAH.

2003-02-21 16:27:41 ET

I love the bangs.

2003-02-21 19:09:46 ET

Star, have you seen them since I cut them?

2003-02-23 11:21:48 ET

Since you cut them? You mean you cut them more since the pics ^ ?

2003-02-24 05:11:11 ET

well......i didn t always have bangs. I wasn t sure if I cut them while you were out.

2003-02-24 12:35:52 ET

Maybe you did. Regardless, I really like the pics with your cute bangs and little poofy-thingies. lol

2003-02-24 15:11:23 ET


2003-03-05 10:28:20 ET

sexay!!! love the hair

2003-03-07 18:26:50 ET

thanks...its all different again

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