2003-02-27 20:19:44 ET

bleh, I feel crappy.....
I wish there were more goths*(or rivetheads or even horror punks) here in indy.
I wish I had friends that would let me do things to their heads more often.
I wish I could get dressed up any night of the week and go out. I could sit
here and list all kinds of things I wish would happen.
Peter and I have argued over this subject before. he says stick around and it
will get better...its the only way to make it better...what the hell is he talking
about? Where the hell are they going to come from? by the time the stupid baby "goths"
get around to hanging out at the bars I ll be too old. AND why the hell would I want
to hang out with people that much younger. How many of the "goths" that are here
now...that are older....thought the same thing? Will I be in the same place they are now?
I am not trying to insult any of my RL friends......but do you guys ever have the same
feelings? I think that maybe this town just isn t big enough to hold me in.
uhgh...sorry I ll go now.

*-I use the term goth loosely...I don t consider myself goth, but I let myself get
lumped into that label....for those of you that know me personally....I m much more :)

2003-02-27 20:57:55 ET

I can relate to your senario on some level.
I am not goth, but whatever the hell I am there is no others here like me in VANCOUVER, WA. ugh. I go out with a group of my friends to the bar or whatnot and I end up sticking out like a fucking sore thumb. I look the way I do out of choice, preference, and because I really think I look better this way *blushes* I love my friends, I just really wish I had more that I could relate to. *sigh*

2003-02-28 04:27:16 ET

>I just really wish I had more that I could relate to. *sigh*
Thats exactly how I feel. I tend to stick out wherever I go. :P
I was really depressed about it last night...it sucked.
I surf the net all the time and I always see these grrls with
other grrls and they all have pretty hair and fun outfits.
~points~ I want that!
I don t want a bunch of barbie doll cut outs...just some people I can relate to.(I cant reiterate that enough)
oh and we are so much better looking this way!heheh

2003-02-28 19:41:26 ET

I totally feel ya my dear. Move to Vancouver and I'll let you do my hair. ;)

2003-03-03 07:25:42 ET

welcome to my world Miz zayn. :( It did get better, but then Philly has always had some semblance of a non-mainstream culture going on. The goth scene here is tiny and has teamed up with the punk and industrial scenes. All together it's still a small subculture but there are at least enough folks to hang and do hair with.

as far as the age thing goes, the baby goths you see now will eventually grow into some pretty awesome adults that you can have meaningful friendships with. and you can be a role model for people who didn't roll over and give up. just look at huskarl. :)

2003-03-04 06:00:36 ET

meh, very true....thanks.
My body just wants me to travel, but it will just have to
wait until I get the time off of work.

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