2003-03-16 19:19:48 ET

god, I m so boring on here....
I hate updating anymore, but I m addicted to my comp.

My brother came back from Japan.
My ceramics class is going well.
I learned how to use a drop spidle.
I dyed a bunch of wool.
Went to the childrens museum.
Got all pissy and depressed for a minute.
Went to the bar.
Bought some purple furry leg warmers.
Went to the laundro mat.
My Mom s birthday was Sat. She is 56.
Saw my brother for the last time before he moves to W. Virgina.
After 2 months and 3 weeks our apartment is completely finished.
Got wasted.
Need to get snogged.
Enjoyed the really BADASS!!! weather we had today.
It was fucking AWESOME!!!

2003-03-16 19:35:16 ET

sounds like things are good though.

2003-03-16 20:36:22 ET

hmm. could be alot worse. enjoy it.

2003-03-17 05:25:56 ET

Much better than they were.
I m really glad to see that winter is almost
over. The sun helps keep away those horrible
winter blues. :P

2003-03-23 15:52:18 ET

how's the spinning going? did you like it?

2003-03-26 01:28:00 ET

I haven t picked it up in about a week.
I need to get on the ball, so I can dye more of it!

2003-03-26 03:44:28 ET

hey im mickey.....just wanted to let ya know your not boring at all,and i find the things you did/do interesting,stop by soe time,

2003-03-26 10:03:04 ET

spinning can get pretty addicting, that's for sure. :) I can't wait to see what you do with it!!!

2003-03-26 18:51:54 ET

...I made hair some hair with it....but it wasn t so great.
I wanted short cute ones, but I didn t cut them short enough!

2003-03-27 18:29:29 ET

it takes some practice to get it the way you want. :)

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