Looky looky
2002-06-03 20:35:12 ET

Go to my live journal and see what I have been doing!!!


2002-06-03 20:39:57 ET


active-link ;)

2002-06-03 20:41:00 ET

And you look lovely in red (hair).

2002-06-03 20:54:55 ET


2002-06-04 00:12:34 ET

*rolls his eye's*

moo? what the hell....ummm yeah okay

2002-06-04 09:19:52 ET

i hate lj

2002-06-04 10:26:34 ET

ha ha...sorry. I have been in the worst wrinting moods lately.
So I can t seem to bring my self to update both.

2002-06-04 10:34:45 ET

heheh what i should have said was
that i used to be addicted to lj
i have an lj shirt, i had a paid account
but after losing a few friends and just going into mass hysteria, i deleted my lj to salvage what was left.
so just be careful with your lj!!

2002-06-05 16:24:49 ET

Whoa, crazy...
I don t have many frineds on there so it
shouldn t be a problem...or will it?
Mwa ha ha ha

2002-06-05 16:47:39 ET

just watch what you say ;)
avoid drama=ish things
and lemme tell you, friend privacy features won't work, cuz people can always show other people

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