I am such a rivet head....
2003-03-28 05:27:52 ET

So for the last two weeks all I can think about is getting
some dresses from the 40s and 50s. I wanna do my hair
up all nice and put on some heels. Then go and walk my dog
around downtown with a big plastic purse.
I did a search for vintage clothes but I can t seem to find
anything good. I kept getting rockabilly websites, but
that is not really what I wanted. I have a hard shape to fit
so I need to like go someplace I can try them on. I saw
some reproduction dresses at Hot Topic, but to fit my ass
I have to buy an Xl and then get the top altered to fit.
I also found a designer called Stop Staring. They don t
sell off their site but they had a link to http://www.daddyos.com/
Come to find out they are located in Fairmount, IN. The
birthplace of James Dean. I am totally going to check this
place out. It s about an hour and a half away.
For some reason I hate showing my belly off and I hate
having my back exposed. I have bad acne between my blades.
(not so bad, but one or more big red zits/spots is gross to me)
Most of the dresses are halter tops and the sirts are like
all about showing off the midrift. I just want the old lady
type dress.....that are cute and black(duh)

!!!!HOLY CRAP!!!! I JUST found a website on bullet bras!!!!
http://www.bulletbras.net/ I need one of those.
Okay that is it for now.

2003-03-28 09:14:39 ET

Vogue pattern company has a line of vintage dress patterns from the 30s to the 60s that they've re-released. Cheap, fairly easy, and will fit you, if you have the patience to sew them up yourself. :)

2003-04-01 19:23:57 ET

I am going to check them out....I saw some online, but some had no
envelopes and some were EXPENSIVE. I m going to have to check out
the repros.

2003-04-01 20:16:19 ET

yeah, the patterns are pricey. but you can make a bunch of dresses out of them. Joann Fabrics often has them on sale for 50 to 75 % off.

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