2003-04-21 05:02:45 ET

This is my week in Review:

Monday...went looking for a job with Amelia.
Every place a went into was not hiring. I did
apply at the Zoo. I also checked out Yellow Rose
Carriage rides....they dont train, but I was told
that Blue Ribbon do! Whoot.
I also saw House of 1000 Corpses.

My take on THAT:
It was good. I think a bunch of people were expecting some HUGE movie, like The Matrix
or something, but it wasn t was a horror movie...a VERY traditonal horror movie.
It had all the traditional charaters and Mr. Zombie tried to push a few buttons with
the graphic scenes....I would usually look away at most of it, but it really wasn t
that gruesome. Petey gave it TWO Horror Punk thumbs up. I hate horror movies and I
liked this one. I was able to go home and think about it after dark and not scare
myself to the point that I wasn t going to be able to sleep.
IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN IT DON T READ THE NEXT PART, I talk about the ending:---------
I was dissapointed in the ending. I know that most movies always follow a hero
or herine, but what I could figure out was why they followed this grrl...I felt
like there was more to the movie they were not telling us. So did sh die, was
she dreaming that she escaped...I want to know damnit!
AND WHAT THE FUCKKKK was up with the THE END? I hate it when they tell
us there is going to be a sequel, but then it is never made.
That is all I have to say about that for now------------
Tues...don t remember.

Wed....I think I worked.
Thur...uhg, wooooorked.

Fri...Ummm, shoot...oh ya I remember. I baked some cookies. They didn t turn out.
I hate using recipes I have never used before. Made a bean dip. Finished my table.
Peter came home, and I we veged. I tried to make some skirts, but I haven t even
picked them back up. I was going to make something for BOZO PORNO CIRCUS.
I don t think that I will, I am still thinking about hair...I have a TON of
wool....STILL sitting around not being used. I was planning ob braidn it all in.

Sat...I had my art open house...I met my mom there. We looked around...there really
wasn t anything that screamed COOOOOOOL, except my stuff of course....heh...actually
the ceramics classes I think had the best stuff. The director of the program commented
on my bean dip..WhooT! and asked if I made the bowl...It was the one of the two that Kelly
got my for christmas...BEAN DIP FOR ONE....uh I mean 100! She gave me a check to go to
school next year...I cried one the way home. We hung out all day. She cut her finger.
I thought I was going to have to take her to get stitches...good going Mom. We went to
see Amelia, but she went to visit her brother in jail THREE hours away. Boo.
and that was it...I came home and veged out again. and then went to PUNK ROCK NIGHT.
It was fun. I already wrote about that...except about the garage rock bands that
were playing...they sucked...well they were okie.

SUN...slept until 11ish. Mom called, then she called Amelia. While I waited for a return
call I took a bath...I REALLY had to wash the drunk off. I felt LIKE SHIT!!! I drank was
too much again! I hate it when I do that....I remember this time that I drank a bunch and
then I stopped drinking and now I am doing it again....I wonder if that will happen again.
I really don t see myself slowing down yet.
Mom called...Amelia went to Bloomington to visit an ex-boyfriend,,out of the pan and
into the fire. So I took Morrey out...she played and I ate some much needed salty snacks.
I should have taken her for a was her birthday. I felt like CRAP!!!
I went upstairs...turned on the TV and continued to lay there until 630. I can t
fucking belive I layed there....all day...all FUCKING day. I sat in my dirty living room
and ate cheapo fritos and layed on THE FUCKING COUCH! I am sitting here writing this and
I can t even believe it. I think I was dissapointed that I didn t get to see my Mom.
I did watch Nat Geo was bad ass...they talked about tattoos and death rituals.
What more could a grrl ask for....I enjoyed it as I switched ass cheaks.
Then Grace called...U m I m on my way over.
I was like oh shit! Since I didn t wash my hair and I had all the hair spray in it
it was in this funny couch corner shape. I sprag into action...and just as I did...OH!
I realized I was fucking I limped around the house and picked up all the shit
that was laying around, gathered up the trash and was done in 20 min. Peter came home
I got dressed and we went to PUNK ROCK GREG s. I felt we wern t supposed
to be there, but he invited us...and ate some food. a ton of it...half a burnt
burger and a veggie beans and rice...some sorta weird salsa I thought
was a salad...heh...and two cokes...I had to regain my energy from all that couch laying.

Now I m home...I hope you freaking freeks read all this...there will be a quiz later.
Today I plan on not laying down once...gonna take Morrey on that walk she deserves
and Kurty(from the Cadavers) is coming over so I can out his hair in wool wraps. WHEEEE!
If anyone wants to come over and play...this is your cordial invittaion...sooo come play.
Umm I m done

Love and Puppy Kisses,
Annie Fannie Bannanie

oh oh, i also told my Mom what a furry was...she was like hrm...thats neat.

2003-04-25 20:49:34 ET

I lay down for a one hour nap at 7 pm and woke up at midnight! my whole evening wasted. :P

(and yes, I read the whole thing. go ahead! quiz me! ;) )

2003-04-27 07:45:51 ET

heh, i hate it when that happens.

2003-04-27 19:09:04 ET

Wow, talk about and epic novel! I enjoyed every moment of it even though I have not yet seen the movie......

2003-05-07 08:57:26 ET

aww, thanks

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