Mondrian Was A Liar

21 - borderline alcoholic, hopeless romantic
a day without danzig is not a day worth living.

I hate college.
I like making music.
I like drawing comics.
I am overly emotional.
I have "suck on that" tattooed on my toes.
I really shouldn't take anything serious.


2009-10-02 23:27:43 ET

I wish I could find someone interesting, beautiful, and reliable to talk to. Everyone I ever talk to is boring or too indecisive. Maybe I should not worry about being in a relationship with anyone - but it would be nice to have someone.

2009-03-30 22:37:05 ET

I seem to only write on here once every couple months, chronicling the major events (or what I think to be important events)in my life, although I feel like I just complain about nothing most of the time. Right as I'm finally happy with everything going on in my life my girlfriend tells me she's leaving Ohio to live in California by November.

I felt sick all day after she told me about this. Now I don't know if I should end it now while I'm not so attached (even though I already am, that's why its 4 am and I'm still up worrying about this)or stay together and see what happens. Every time something good happens to me it is quickly turned around. I think staying together is a terrible idea, but I feel like I want to be with her.

I'm really into this girl. Of course she is leaving. Its the tragic series of events I call my life. Maybe I just can't do relationships, it always seems that when I really care about someone something always ruins it. All I want is some god damn security.

I want what is best for her. And if she finds a good job on the other side of the country I'm totally supportive even if I have to lose someone else I care about.

2008-08-14 22:18:53 ET

Saw suicide silence with sea of treachery the other night at the mad hatter. Pretty good show minus the very passive crowd, I mean I came for violence, there was none. God damn scenesters.

2008-07-19 17:17:28 ET

So my birthday was great. I got to hang out with Reid, Lea, her boy Aaron, Katie, Branda, and Dan. Oh and Samira and her friend Jenna showed up later on which was nice. Past that I'm still getting shit about my ex roommate through Samira. I think its just too much drama and not worth still talking to her because every other god damn day I'm in trouble for something new that I didn't even do.

I ran into Joe (ex roommate) and Jena at this udf when I was going to to get cigs. It was awkward and he gave me a funny look but I just smiled as big as I could and said hello.

Last night I want to this party at this kid Chili's house where this girl Lucy, who invited me to the party, was all over me trying to piss her boyfriend off, which I found to be pretty lame so I just started talking to her friend Liz, who was pretty interesting although highly intoxicated. The rest of the time I spent chain smoking while watching the reptiles around me perform their mating rituals.

no fumar por favor2008-07-09 09:34:48 ET

Well its been a while since I've been on here. I lost the password to my old account, [hail to the thief] so I decided to just make a new one.
Anyway, my roommate just up and moved out on me after telling me he was going to stay another year. That was pretty sweet. And he lied about why he was moving out and where. He told me he didn't want to pay rent so he was moving back home, which I found out was a lie and he was moving in with another kid.
Luckily I found another roommate within the day so I'm staying in this place.

+ now the girl i had been talking to who happens to be best friends with my former roommate's girlfriend is being a dick to me because i won't apologize to him for not doing anything wrong