How do i?
2005-07-11 15:08:00 ET

If I have regular earings, what do I use to start gauging my ears so that I don't rip them? What size taper should I get?

2005-07-11 15:44:01 ET


2005-07-11 15:49:53 ET


(I don't speak English lol)

2005-07-11 16:00:21 ET

Riiiiight. I should appologize; gauge is a verb but it means to measure or asses. I beleive the verb you mean is stretch.

2005-07-11 17:27:33 ET

Gotcha ;)

2005-07-11 18:00:51 ET

watch out for all these a-holes on here...
start with a 16 and work your way bigger is probably the best bet

2005-07-11 18:16:41 ET

That's what I was thinking. I tried using my boyfriend's 10 tapers, it obviously didn't work.

Thank you for your help.

2005-07-11 18:31:13 ET

anytime hun

2005-07-11 20:46:17 ET

go SLOW with the stretching. with the smaller gauges [18-12 gauge], you can pretty much buy a captive ring or a normal earring and just slip it in. make sure your ear heals COMPLETLEY before going to the next size.

2005-07-11 20:48:51 ET

Thank you!

2005-07-15 14:28:20 ET

I happen to make plugs starting at 18g.... :)

2005-07-15 14:32:20 ET

and they are damn good ones to boot!

2005-07-17 01:10:39 ET

don't use tapers, you'll just end up with blowouts
the best way to stretch your ears is to wrap electrical tape around your jewellry. Plugs work best. Wrap 1 layer of tape a week around it. Don't stretch more than 2g/month. You want to go very slow. Or this will happen.

More info

2005-07-17 01:52:45 ET

Jesus Christ all mighty! I don't know if I want to stretch now. But thank you for the info!

That electrical tape method sounds interesting.

2005-07-17 02:41:56 ET

if you go slow you'll be fine. I went from 18 to 8 all with electrical tape over 4 months. I had a tiny little blowout in my left ear but it went away.

2005-07-17 02:48:33 ET

Well, it's good that that cleared up.

Are regular posts size 18?

2005-07-17 03:20:51 ET

sometimes they're 16 but more than likely they're 18

2005-07-17 05:31:54 ET

actually, they're usually smaller - like 18g to even 20g! Initial piercing posts can sometimes be larger like 16g.

I tried electrical tape once to help stretch and it irritated the hell out of my ears - we're all different I guess

2005-07-17 09:49:38 ET

I heard plumbers tape is better if you're allergic, not sure though. I stretched my nipples from 14 to 12 with a taper. OUCH.

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