Slowly but surely, I'm recovering.
2005-07-14 21:16:46 ET

So, Tuesday was my surgery.

It went ok! It was actually pretty successful.

They found the endometriosis and burned it off, as planned.

Dr. Collis also took lots of pictures, that in two weeks she's going to show me and we'll discuss what they show.

She did the DNC (uterus scarping) as well, apparently my tissue is pretty clean.

I went home with an IV and two incisions in my tummy, and LOTS of air in my tummy. They had to blow air in my tummy so they could see everything. I gained 9 pounds, strictly in air. That's actually what causes the most pain.

I went home later that day and Scott and David came over, Scott gave me lots of loving attention. It was the most I'd seen from him in awhile.

Wednesday my Grandparents came over, they brought my a pretty little plant.

Today I got my IV taken out, it hurt, and there was a quite a lot of blood.

Tomorrow I get to take my sticky, stitch protectors off. *They itch!*

In two weeks I'll start treatment. Most likely that stuff that puts me into a fake menopause and the depo-shot.

I'm probably not going to be on the computer anymore, it hurts being out of bed.

If you'd like to come see me, give me a call.

2005-07-14 22:52:03 ET

Glad everything went ok.

2005-07-15 11:10:40 ET

Why thank you!

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