Survery thingy
2005-07-23 09:11:49 ET

1. Smoke? Yes
2. If yes, camel wide lights ;)
3. Do drugs? I haven't in a long time.
3. Drive? Not licensed.
4. If yes, what kind of car? 2002 Jetta
5. Sleep with stuffed animals? Does my boyfriend count?
6. Have a crush? I still think I have a "crush" on my boyfriend.
6. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Yes
7. Have a dream that keeps coming back? Same properties, if that makes sense.
8. If yes, what is it? It's too scary...
9. Play an instrument? 3
10. Believe there is life on other planets? I try not to think about it.
11. Believe in alien abduction? Maybe
12. Believe the Roswell story? Haven't heard it?
13. Believe in any conspiracies? I've heard a lot, don't know if I believe them.
14. If so, which ones?'d call me not going to disclose that.
15. Remember your first love? Very well.
16. Still love him/her? No!!!
17. Read the newspaper? Every day.
18. Read any news magazines or political journals? I haven't in awhile.
19. Have any gay or lesbian friends? A metric butt-loads worth.
20. Believe in miracles? It's possible.
21. Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? Of course!
22. Consider yourself tolerant of others? Yes, but it's hard not to stereotype sometimes, I catch myself doing it a lot.
23. Consider police a friend or foe? Depends...
24. Ever been arrested? I certainly have.
25. If yes, what for? Pety things not worth mentioning.
26. Like the taste of alcohol? I usually just grin and bear it.
27. Have a favorite Stooge? Wha? No...
28. Believe in Astrology? Usually...but not when it comes to my horoscope. I read them, but don't really pay attention.
29. Believe in magic? Sometimes..
30. Believe in God? Not really.
31. Pray? I haven't since I was 7.
32. Go to church? Nope
33. Have any secrets? Oh yes! Well...some people know them...
34. Did you do well in school? I've been doing well lately.
35. Go to or plan to go acting school? Go acting school? Uh, yes?
36. Have sex right now? It'd be nice...
37. How many partners in your lifetime? Partners? Ummm...theres a secret for you!
38. Wear hats? Rarely
39. Have a horny spot? Ha Ha Ha! Another secret...
40. Have a best friend? I have a few.
41. Like your handwriting? It's no.
42. Have a traditional or Roth IRA? A what what?
43. Have any bad habits? Too many.
44. If yes, what are they? Uh, bite my nails, smoke, drink too much, lie, exadurate, over analize...the list goes on.
45. Care about looks? My own, yes. Other peoples, no.
46. Believe in Satan? No
47. Believe in ghosts? Yes!!!
48. Believe in Santa? I wish...
49. Believe in the Easter Bunny? No
50. Believe in the Tooth Fairy? Nope
51. Own Backstreet Boys CD's? Ha Ha, yes actually, like 3..but I don't listen to them.
52. Trust others easily? Too easily, until people hurt me, then they loose all trust forever.
53. Like sarcasm? No...or is that sarcasm?
54. Take walks in the rain? All the time!!
55. Think the Mariners should try hard to re-sign Brett Boone? Why should I give a flying fuck? No...
56. Kiss with your eyes closed? Yes, it's impossible for me to open them.
57. Sing in the shower? Every day.
58. Own handcuffs? I stole David's.
59. Have dialup or DSL? Neither...BROADBAND!
60. Have a question that is really sticking in your craw, but are too embarrassed to ask about because you're afraid you'll look like an ass? Yes

2005-07-23 14:30:04 ET

you look so pretty in that picture of you and your boyfriend. i love your flats.

2005-07-23 18:18:06 ET

Thank you, Darlin'.

(I got the flats from Delia's...I saw them in a clearence mag recently. They come in rose and beige too)

2005-07-24 11:05:53 ET

HOLD up, number 12.


2005-07-24 13:49:46 ET

I am obbessed with flats.

2005-07-25 11:18:30 ET

I haven't heard it, nope. What's it about? Oh it that Area 51 story?

2005-07-25 11:52:55 ET


2005-07-25 20:47:38 ET

hee hee

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