2005-07-28 17:47:52 ET

I got a baby bunny today!!!

He's a little boy, already trained too...which is nice.

He's pitch black.

The boyfriend and I are still sorta trying to decide on a name. But right now...we're calling him Dr. Satan after the House of 1000 Corpses character.

2005-07-28 18:05:10 ET

Whenever you say it's name, you have to say it like the guy does when he gets off the ride.

2005-07-28 19:20:12 ET

That's how I've been saying it.

The only way that is acceptable.

Doctar Satan! \m/

2005-07-28 19:49:53 ET

hellz yeah Dr. Satan!

2005-07-28 19:49:59 ET

EDIT: Oops double post! Sorry :D

2005-07-28 22:05:49 ET

:D yess!

2005-07-29 00:09:32 ET

Call him Gesuz, that's what I called my now deceased bunny.

R.I.P Gesuz.

2005-07-29 07:59:19 ET

Dr. Satan vs. Gesuz...

2005-08-01 08:51:17 ET

i want a baby bunny, and had one, but had to get rid of it because my mom said NO

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