It's always you and my big dreams..
2005-08-02 21:16:38 ET

You may ask me 5 questions, anything.

No matter how personal, dirty, private or random - I have to answer them honestly. In return, you have to post this message in your journal and you have to answer the questions that are asked to you.

2005-08-03 08:00:14 ET

1. Coffee or Tea
2. Whats your fav. book
3. What is the meaning of life
4. Are you straight or left of center
5. How old were you when you first kissed a girl

2005-08-03 08:18:46 ET

1. Do you enjoy being alive
2. Have you ever done anything to harm someone physically
3. What's the worst drug you've ever done
4. Do you ever feel jealous of someone and take it out on them by being mean to them?
5. Have you ever killed a squirrel while riding a unicycle with a horn while wearing a giant red nose and huge clown shoes?

2005-08-03 10:50:35 ET

To Demoriar:

1)It really depends on my mood.
2)My favorite book is either 'Sex Drugs and Cocoa Puffs' or 'Beijing Doll'.
3)I would definitely like to know. I'll try to figure that out. But honestly, I think we're test subjects.
4)How about RIGHT of center?
5)14 I believe?

2005-08-03 10:55:02 ET

To Persephone:

1)You know, this makes me sound crazy, but there are actually times where I wish I didn't exsist. But the majority of the time, I absolutely enjoy being alive.
2)Yes actually, but it was self defense, and I mean's not bullshit, it was definitely self defense.
3)uuuuuuh...well, it depends I mean, all drugs are bad, and there are two that I can think of that are extremely harmful that I've I've done two harmful drugs one starts with a c, the other starts with an h. But I've only done them once, so...I guess I'm ok. :)
4)All the fucking time. This girl:
5)How did you know? LoL, no...I haven't.

2005-08-07 08:38:33 ET

ohhhh, too awesome

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