Is it desperation? Nah...
2005-08-03 13:47:29 ET

Who from Portland Oregon wants to get drunk with me tonight?

2005-08-03 14:05:39 ET

mmm... drunkness.

2005-08-03 14:09:49 ET


Oh wait...I am nowhere ne oregon..Nevermind

2005-08-03 17:32:31 ET

ooh ooh me me!!

2005-08-03 17:32:51 ET

I'd go but I gave up da booze...too many nights with me & Vodka feeling like I'd stepped into a Lovecraftian nightmare...

Have one for me!

2005-08-05 06:17:34 ET

my friend is moving to oregon Sept.1st

2005-08-08 20:40:23 ET

sorry i want around to share in the drunkeness

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