Last night was...
2005-08-05 10:48:33 ET


2005-08-05 13:03:45 ET

why? was it because I wasn't there to hump your leg?

2005-08-05 21:58:59 ET

I got a hangover 2!

Right on sister.

2005-08-06 07:34:49 ET

No, I got really uh "inhebriated" an made an ass out of myself.

But not having my leg humped made it TEN times worse.

2005-08-07 13:58:12 ET

mine too.[my night]
I feel disgusting...
I like your background btw.

2005-08-07 17:42:38 ET

well next time I will try to be there to hump your leg into a frenzy

2005-08-08 19:01:52 ET

:( *hugs*

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