2005-08-06 07:42:37 ET

Does anyone know how to do makeup...mine always looks shitty.

2005-08-06 09:16:10 ET

<-- me me me

2005-08-06 18:22:52 ET

w0rd? well i suck.

2005-08-06 21:12:43 ET


what do you wanna know?

2005-08-07 11:57:55 ET

how to do eyeliner lol, and foundation.

2005-08-07 19:44:27 ET

foundation is really easy. the first step is to find what shade matches you. i like l'oreal true match the best. then, depending on your skin condition and how much coverage you want, you dot foundation on the 5 main focal points: your nose, your chin, you cheeks and your forehead. then blend using your fingers or a cosmetic sponge. if you dont want that much coverage, you can also use a tinted moisterizer and swipe some loose power overtop.

eyeliner is easy once you find out how your style is. i like revlon colorstay liquid eyeliner the best and clinique khol too. MAC has alot of fun colors, but i rub my eyes alot and they tend to smear easily. just hold down whatever you want to put on, like stetch your skin with your finger (i.e., when you wanna do abover your eyelashes, hold your outer corner of you eyelid straight with your finger to create a smooth surface. then draw on what you want!

my best advice is to buy Kevyn Aucoin's make-up book Making Faces. i absolutly adore it, and as a cosmotologist who has always had a good technique for make-up, this book has definatly strengthed my ability.

and seriously, if you have and questions, feel free to PM

2005-08-07 19:44:27 ET


2005-08-08 18:19:00 ET

thank you!

2005-08-08 20:57:01 ET


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