God dammit, really..
2005-08-11 11:32:40 ET

So today has already started sucking. Where is my luck when I need it!!

1)My cat ran away. Somehow she jumped out the window and ran away. I love that cat so much and now she's gone. Riff (the other cat) won't stop meowing, he's just sitting at the window. I ran around the entire block like 4 times, in my pajamas and all. My Mom is crying, it's just really fucking sad.

2)I had a horrible dream.

3)I slipped in the kitchen and bashed my head into the tile counter and I'm bleeding.

4)I'm getting my shots tomorrow. (Although that is a good thing, it's going to be horribly painful.)

5)My cell phone hates me. Long story...

6)My Mom and I got into an argument about how lazy I am.

Life is kicking my ass right now.

2005-08-11 13:31:34 ET

my cell phone hates me too.

2005-08-14 16:33:06 ET

i think all Cell Phones are like, User Bias. Mine hates me when i need it the most. As for the cat, sorry to hear about that. Im sure she will come back when shes ready. My dog likes to run away every now and then, but he always comes back home when he gets scared or what not.

2005-08-14 16:47:09 ET

thank you.

and yes, she actually did come back.

2005-08-14 18:26:12 ET

HAHA~! The Armored one Sees all!

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